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Chipmunk Aerobatic Flying Experience

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Book this aerobatics flight in Sussex and you'll be seeing the world upside down from the cockpit of an ex-Royal Air Force de Havilland Chipmunk! The lovable Chipmunk was the first post Second World War plane de Havilland produced and it went on to be a very popular tailwheel type trainer for the RAF for many years to come.

£139 for 20 minutes
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£179 for 30 minutes at Umberleigh NOT Shoreham
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£239 for 40 minutes
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£299 for 60 minutes
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Shoreham Airport, near Brighton or the Isle of Wight

Experience Details

Your aerobatics thrill will take place in G-BZGA, a Chipmunk built in 1952 for the Edinburgh University Air Squadron. The low-wing vintage beauty has a purring 145hp Gipsy Moth Major 10 Mk II engine and cruises at 90 knots. Since her flying debut, this Chipmunk served in the RAF until 1990 when she was dismantled and stored.

Auctioned off in 2000, she was faithfully rebuilt and flew again as a civilian aerobatics Chipmunk in 2001. G-BZGA has been in Sussex since 2003 thrilling all who are lucky enough to fly in her as she loops the loop, pulls a few barrel turns and generally whips up the sky like only an aerobatics flight in a Chipmunk can!

Who is suitable for this experience?

Minimum age is 12 years old. You need to be between 4'6" - 6'4" and weigh less than 16 stone.


Flights take place all year round subject to suitable flying conditions.


The Flying School offers modern facilities with superb views out onto the runway. There is a comfortable Lounge area and viewing area allowing friends and family to watch guests climb into the aircraft, taxi out and take off. The airports beautiful Art Deco style control tower also boasts a cafe and outside seating areas with views across the runways. The nearby towns of Brighton and Hove offer a huge range of shops, restaurants and attractions.


These aerobatic flights take place in a de Havilland Chipmunk, experiences include a pre-flight briefing and explanation of the controls. Your instructor will demonstrate the full aerobatic capabilities of the aircraft as well as giving you the chance to take the controls of the aircraft yourself for a substantial part of the lesson. Appropriate flying clothing is provided and you'll also be presented with a flight certificate. Quoted flight durations are 'chock to chock'. Longer flights allow for more aerobatics and flying time at the controls, the Isle of Wight adventure includes 2 x 45 minute lessons with a short stopover in the Isle of Wight.

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