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Fly with a Hurricane & Spitfire

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Spend fifteen minutes in the company of two of Britain's most famous World War 2 fighter aircraft. R.J. Mitchell's Supermarine Spitfire and Sydney Camm's Hawker Hurricane during this 20 minute helicopter flight as they fly alongside you.

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Chichester, West Sussex

Experience Details

Watch as the Spitfire Mk IX and Hurricane Mk I fire up their Rolls-Royce Merlin engines then board the helicopter and take to the skies where the Battle of Britain was won. Heading towards RAF Tangmere, which houses a museum nowadays, the Spitfire and Hurricane will 'buzz you' before joining in close formation. After a few minutes on either side of the helicopter, giving stunning close-up views of these spectacular aircraft in flight, the pair break formation, peeling off from the helicopter as you reach the Solent. The show is far from over however as the helicopter is hunted by the pair of them on the flight back to base.

Who is suitable for this experience?

Minimum age is five and under 16's must be accompanied by an adult.
Maximum height is 6' 4''.
Dress comfortably with flat-soled shoes. Sunglasses are recommended.


This experience is scheduled on selected dates throughout the year - approximately once per month from May to October.
Flying is a weather dependent activity. If the flight is cancelled because of weather, an alternative date will be rebooked.


Whilst no spectators are allowed in the hangar, they are welcome to watch the take-off and landing from the viewing area or the on-site cafe.


Take a 20 minute flight from Goodwood, 15 minutes in the company of a Spitfire Mk IX and Hurricane Mk I.
Witness these mighty warbirds in close formation from the window seat of a Bell LongRanger helicopter.
Share the helicopter with up to five other passengers.
Experience high-speed fly-bys and phenomenal close-up views on either side of the helicopter.
Be hunted by the pair on the flight back to base

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