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Grumman TBM Avenger

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The TBM Avenger was essentially the same aircraft as the TBF Avenger but built by General Motors. In total just over 7,500 Grumman TBM Avenger aircraft would be built, with the United States Navy using the type into the 1960's.

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See TBF Avenger
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See TBF Avenger
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Front view
TBM Avenger front view photo
Side view
Rear view
TBM Avenger rear view photo

Whilst Grumman had attempted to continue development of their TBF Avenger it would be General Motors who would do so as they produced the TBM-3. Whilst similar to Grumman's XTBF-3 prototype, it featured stronger wings to allow for more types of ordnance to be fitted and the dorsal turret was removed on many production versions.

General Motors would also work on the prototype for the XTBM-4, whose main improvement was a strengthened fuselage, however, orders for the new Avenger were cancelled after VJ-Day.

In total General Motors built 7,546 TBM Avengers, which was over 70% of the total produced.

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Max Speed Range Service Ceiling Armament
TBM-1 271 mph 1,215 miles 22,500 ft one 0.50-in machine-gun
two 0.30-in machine-guns
2,000lb bombs
TBM-2 Sole TBM-1 fitted with a XR-2600-10 engine.
TBM-3 267 mph 1,130 miles 23,400 ft three 0.50-in machine-guns
one 0.30-in machine-gun
2,000lb bombs
XTBM-4 Prototype version.


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On Display

(C) = Cockpit only exhibit. (F) = Fuselage only exhibit. (R) = Remains of an aircraft.

Variant Location
TBM-3E Fleet Air Arm Museum
TBM-3 Imperial War Museum, Duxford

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