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Aerobatic Experience

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Popular at airshows you can now experience the thrill of aerobatics from the cockpit as you twist and turn through the skies for either a thrilling 20 or 30 minutes under the command of a skilled pilot instructor. You can take your aerobatic experience at a number of airfields nationwide.

£145 for 20 or 30 minutes depending on location
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Locations nationwide - click here for the full list.

Experience Details

If you have ever watched such feats of aerobatic flying at any of the many airshows in the UK, you will know how impressive they are, so can you imagine what it would be like to actually be in the cockpit of the aircraft as these aerial tricks are being performed? It's definitely not for the faint hearted as you will be twisting and turning on every axis as the pilot puts the aerobatic plane through its paces.

Aircraft fleets used for aerobatic flights at these airfields all over the UK will vary, but all are highly capable of amazing aerial acrobatics. The Pitts Special has to be the most famous bi-plane to pull incredible manoeuvres in the sky - and it's a very pretty looking aeroplane too. The lovely de Havilland Chipmunk is also available. Moving away from the UK to the USA, the world-famous manufacturer Cessna has built thousands of the high-wing Aerobat 152 that has taught many a young pilot to loop the loop, as has the very similar looking Decathlon series of planes.

With venues the length and breadth of the UK, you won't have to travel very far to get a taste of aerobatic flight and what it's like to 'pull some G forces'. Every session will start with a safety briefing, which will explain the effect of these freestyle aerial moves on both the pilot's body and the aircraft - such 'unnatural' moves in the air where you twist and turn in rapid succession certainly push the physics of aviation to the extreme.

On our aerobatic flights around the UK, the standard flight duration is 30 minutes, with some of the venues offering 20 or 25 minute sessions. Once airborne, you will discover what rotating on longitudinal (roll) or lateral (pitch) axes does to the aircraft (and you as a budding aerobatic co-pilot!).

It is recommended that you don't have a heavy meal or drink any alcohol before your flight. All flight times are approximate and are from engine startup to shut down.

Who is suitable for this experience?

Minimum age 18. Maximum weight 14 stone. Maximum height 6ft.


Selected weekdays and weekends throughout the year. This experience is weather dependent.


Spectators are welcome to come along, however views of the flight are limited.


Welcome, introduction and safety briefing.
A 20-30 minute aerobatics flight (duration dependent on location).

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