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Avro Vulcan Flight Simulator

During the cold war the Vulcan was part of the UK's nuclear deterrent known as the V-Force and with this flight sim you can undertake a number of different scenarios the crews of the Royal Air Force may have had to do themselves. Such as formation flying and in-flight refuelling. This Avro Vulcan flight simulator experience is the only full-scale one in the world and you have the choice of 4 different flight lengths.

£120 for 30 minutes
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£169 for 1 hour
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£229 for 1 and a 1/2 hours
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£299 for 2 hours
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Stacksteads, Lancashire. Around 30 minutes from Manchester centre.

Experience Details

Pilot one of the most famous jet-powered delta-wing bombers ever when you climb aboard this Vulcan flight simulator. This is a totally unique experience as it’s currently the only full-scale Vulcan bomber simulator in the world.

The V bomber sim is waiting near Manchester with those four Rolls-Royce Olympus engines running, ready for you to take to the virtual skies in this impressive aircraft. The Avro Vulcan was renowned as a high-speed, high-altitude bomber with a strategic role as an airborne nuclear deterrent during the height of the Cold War.

The whole experience has been designed to be as authentic as possible, right down to the exact scale replica of the cockpit, which is fully-enclosed, with a fighter-type control stick and rudder bar just like the real thing and when you’re sitting there with your headset on, it might be a simulation, but this Vulcan feels pretty realistic to say the least.

As with any finely-tuned military operation you will be discussing flight plans with your co-pilot/navigator to agree on the type of simulator sortie you’d like to tackle. It could be a tricky in-flight refuelling procedure over the ocean or perhaps a spot of formation flying? Or how about some low-level navigation sweeps over the mountains of the Alps?

One thing's for sure, with 60,000lbs of thrust and a climb rate of 16,000ft per minute, this Avro Vulcan flight simulator is a thrilling, high powered virtual ride. And one that’s totally unique being the only simulated V bomber experience anywhere!

The type served with the Royal Air Force from 1956 to 1982 before being retired, not before taking part in the Falklands Conflict. The last airworthy Vulcan run by an aviation trust flew its farewell flight in October 2015 before being retired. So now the real world of the Vulcan is firmly in those post-working years, the nearest anyone will ever get to flying a V bomber is in this simulator.

Who is suitable for this experience?

Minimum age 10. Under 16s must be accompanied on site by an adult.
Suitable for complete novices, domestic passengers or fully trained pilots.


This experience is available seven days per week throughout the year.
Sessions run between 10am and 7pm.


Spectators are welcome to wait in the reception area.


Choose from a 30, 60, 90 or 120 minute Vulcan Bomber flight experience.
Take the controls of the Mach 0.93 V Bomber.
Experience the thrill of low level flying through mountains.
Welcome at the airport themed reception.
One to one tuition by a commercially qualified pilot.
The tuition will be tailored to your experience of flying and your choice of actions.
A "jump" seat for your guest to share the experience with you.
This is a 'fixed base' simulator which does not move.

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