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Chipmunk Aerobatic Flying Experience

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Book this aerobatics flight in Devon and you'll be seeing the world upside down from the cockpit of an ex-Royal Air Force de Havilland Chipmunk! The lovable Chipmunk was the first post Second World War plane de Havilland produced and it went on to be a very popular tailwheel type trainer for the RAF for many years to come.

£179 for 30 minutes
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Umberleigh, Devon

Experience Details

The de Havilland DHC-1 prototype was first registered and flown in Canada in 1946, where the plane served as a trainer aircraft. After helping pilots from various Air Forces gain their aerobatic colours, the Chipmunk finally retired from active duties in 1999. After a good 50 year career, the Chipmunk is still considered to be one of the most solid aerobatic-capable planes out there and is a true delight to fly.

The DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 you'll be doing your aerobatic manoeuvres in boasts an impressive logbook, being built in 1953 with a Gipsy Major 10 Mk 2 engine and Fairey Reed propellor. Now flying in classic Army Air Corps livery with the serial number WZ882 and code K, it cuts a beautiful picture in the sky.

After a walk around the Chipmunk with your fully qualified aerobatics instructor pilot, you will be installed into the front cockpit of this dual-controlled plane, right up at the 'sharp end' by the cowling. The cockpit cover will be slid over and before you know it, you'll be solicited by the pilot to assist with the all important pre-flight checks and call to the control tower.

As you take off and climb to 1000ft, the pilot will demo some pitch and roll moves so you can get a feel of what the forces you'll be exposed to will be like, then if all is OK, the Chipmunk will climb to around 4000ft, the magic altitude for aerobatics. You'll then start a series of moves including level turns, loops, rolls and a whole world of g-force!

Not only will you be treated to a Chipmunk aerobatics programme worthy of an air display, you will also be invited to take control yourself - just like many thousands of pilots before you who have trained to fly these iconic piston tailwheel aircraft.

Who is suitable for this experience?

Minimum age is 12 years old. You need to be between 4'6" - 6'4" and weigh less than 16 stone.
Please wear trousers and closed toed footwear


April to November, subject to weather conditions.


Spectators are welcome.


Welcome and safety briefing.
30 minute flight in a Chipmunk.
Aerobatics stunt performed by the pilot.
The opportunity to take the controls once airborne.
Flight time quoted is chock to chock.

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