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Dambusters Helicopter Tour

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Fly to the dams at Derwent Valley where No. 617 Squadron trained in their Avro Lancasters during March 1943 in preparation for 'Operation Chastise', more commonly known as the Dambusters raid. Also included in the price of your Dambusters helicopter tour is a carvery lunch.

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Owler Bar, Derbyshire

Experience Details

Sightseeing and history combined on this Dambusters helicopter tour! Setting off in a luxury helicopter, you will follow the same flight path the pilots from No. 617 Squadron took in their Lancasters over the iconic double dam and take in some of the most recognisable sights of the Peak District too.

To put your Dambuster day out in perspective, we go back to March 1943, when the Avro Lancasters of No. 617 Squadron trained for a top secret mission. The training was conducted along the Derwent Valley. It turned out the mission was the now famous 'Dambusters' raid on the Ruhr Valley in Germany and this tour brings this significant moment in history to life for you in a wonderful way.

As well as seeing the dams from the air, these really rather special helicopter sightseeing tours give you the opportunity to fly back to base in a southerly direction, taking in Chatsworth House and the superb Derbyshire countryside that surrounds it. Once back at base, you are invited for a carvery meal at the Moorlands Pub, making it an ideal family day out.

Not only will you be flying over some truly beautiful countryside on the day, but you'll also get an insight into what it must have felt like for those aircrew practicing for their daring mission during the Second World War.

Co-Pilot seat upgrades can be reserved in advance for an additional £50.00 with the supplier (subject to availability).
Additional meals can be purchased on the day with the supplier.

Who is suitable for this experience?

Minimum age is six years old. Maximum weight limit is 18 stone. Under 18s must be accompanied by a participating adult. Maximum height is 6ft 3ins.


Selected weekend dates from March to October.


Spectators are welcome to come and watch the take off and landing. The helicopter takes off from the Moorlands Carvery Pub, so spectators can head inside after the take off.


Pre-flight safety briefing.
Flight time of approximately 30 minutes.
Carvery lunch at The Moorlands (extra meals can be paid for locally for friends and family).
You will be sharing your helicopter ride with up to six other passengers.

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