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Fly With a Spitfire

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Experience the world of 1940s aviation with this incredible Harvard flight from the ex-Royal Air Force base, Duxford, now home to the Imperial War Museum, in which you fly with a Spitfire. Not only will you have the chance to take control of this historic North American Harvard trainer but you'll also be joined by a Spitfire for part of your time in the air, and fly in formation with this iconic aircraft.

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Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire

Experience Details

If you love Second World War aircraft and you love flying, you will simply be in aviation heaven on this day. The whole set up at Duxford is incredible. As soon as you arrive on site you will be plunged into the world of wartime aviation. Even the pre-flight briefing takes place in the original wartime control tower, giving you superb views across the runways and the aprons. Of course, Duxford is still very much a working airfield, so you'll probably see a fair few movements whilst you're in the tower. A great precursor to your flight.

So you've heard all about what your day entails, now it's time to meet the magnificent Harvard. Designed and built by North American Aviation, the prototype first flew in 1935 and the model was finally retired off in 1985. Working hard as an advanced trainer in World War 2, this trusty steed saw many a trainee fighter pilot in the hot seat and it's easy to imagine how they felt when you step into the cockpit and taxi off to the hold ready for take off. The nerves are there, the anticipation is there, as is the desire to do a good job taming this beast of a trainer.

During your flight you will get the chance to take control of this warbird, as this experience is treated as a lesson. You'll soon realise you're not alone in the air and that incredible Merlin engine roar will have you craning your neck to see where the Spitfire is. As she comes into your sights, all eyes will be on her. Take in the air-to-air view of this iconic aircraft, after all it's not every day you're up in one great warbird flying alongside another great one is it?

After flying formation for several delicious minutes, you'll peel off and head back to base. As your warbird flight comes to an end you'll be able to reflect on the whole amazing experience. Not for too long though, as you've got a guided private tour of the IWM Duxford next, with your host showing you around and explaining some of the 200-plus aircraft to you over the 300 acre-site. This is a truly memorable experience that includes flying one American warbird and getting up close to a British one too. Brilliant stuff.

Who is suitable for this experience?

Maximum weight 18 stone. Minimum age 16, maximum age 80. You must be agile enough to step up onto the wing and climb into the cockpit.


Flights take place on regular weekends and selected weekdays from May to October. All flights are weather dependent but don't worry if your flight is cancelled you can rebook for a convenient time.


You are welcome to bring friends and family along however they will need to enter the museum to view the flight. Your guests will enjoy a 50% reduced entry rate. There are a number of cafe's on site.


Welcome with tea and coffee in the original pilot briefing room at the 1940's control tower with views across the
Pre-flight briefing from your instructor and a walk around of the Harvard T6 that you'll be flying in.
A flight experience in the Harvard T6 where your pilot will demonstrate the controls and then give you the chance to
take control yourself.
During the flight you'll join in formation with a Spitfire Mk IX and then chase across the skies above Duxford.
Listen in on the inflight radio communications between both pilots and air traffic control.
Souvenir photograph alongside the Spitfire.
The Harvard flight duration is 30 minutes in total during which you'll be joined by the Spitfire for approximately 15
minutes (All flight times are 'chock to chock').
Whole day access to the 300 acre IWM Duxford site with a private guided tour of the historic and rare aviation
Allow three hours for this experience, plus the rest of the day to view the museum.

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