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Harvard Flights at Duxford

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Take a flight in a North American Harvard, a type used to train pilots during World War 2, at the ex-Royal Air Force base of Duxford which is now home to the Imperial War Museum. There are two Harvard flights at Duxford to choose from and admission to the museum is also included, with aircraft including the Spitfire, Vulcan and Lancaster on display.

£429 for 20 minutes
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£539 for 30 minutes
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Duxford, Cambridgeshire

Experience Details

This T6 Harvard IV has a fascinating history. Registered as G-BJST but liveried up in authentic Royal Air Force training colours with serial number KF729, there is actually no proof the plane flew with the British air forces, as the original log books were all lost. It is thought the plane was built by the Canadian Car Factory in 1953 and was flown by the United States Army Air Foce, before flying with the Italian Air Force as MM53795. Now the plane flies out of Duxford in Cambridgeshire and what a wonderful sight it is!

A powerful trainer aircraft for pilots that was easily capable of aerobatics, the Harvard is very distinctive in the air, with its retractable undercarriage and large, domed cockpit in a tandem configuration for pilot and co-pilot. Oh and with the Pratt and Whitney engine sitting in the cowling, it sounds good too. All this you will discover for yourself on this fabulous day out at Duxford.

These Havard flights at Duxford are offered as 20 or 30 minute durations. For all flights you will have an initial safety briefing, followed by a walk around the aircraft. Once in the air, the pilot might very well demonstrate some of the moves the Harvard is capable of, before handing the controls to you, then back again for the pilot to start the final descent to land.

Your experience also includes free admission to the Imperial War Museum, Duxford which is a day out in itself. Featuring over 200 exhibits, including the Sptifire, Vulcan and Concorde, over 85 acres bringing the history of aviation to life.

Who is suitable for this experience?

Minimum age is 16 years old. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult. Maximum weight 18 stone and you need to be agile enough to climb into the cockpit.


On selected dates throughout the year (approx four times per month).


You are welcome to bring friends and family along, however they will need to enter the museum to view the flight, but all guests will enjoy a 50% reduced entry rate to the IWM Duxford. There is also a cafe on site.


A 20 or 30 minute flight with a fully qualified instructor.
Welcome, introduction and pre-flight briefing.
During the flight your instructor will demonstrate the controls and aerobatics, you will then have the opportunity
to take the controls for yourself.
Includes entry to the Imperial War Museum, Duxford.
All quoted flight times are chock to chock.

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