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Spitfire Passenger Flights at Biggin Hill

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Flying from Biggin Hill in a two-seater Spitfire, flying over Kent's Battle of Britain country, experience what it felt like to fly one of these iconic aircraft. These Spitfire passengers flights take place at the ex-RAF airfield of Biggin Hill which was an active Fighter Command airfield during the Battle of Britain and was home to Spitfire squadrons during the Second World War.

£2,975 'Weald of Kent'
per person for 30 minutes
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£3,475 'Leeds Castle'
per person for 35 minutes
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£4,475 'Beachy Head'
per person for 45 minutes
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£5,475 'White Cliffs of Dover'
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Biggin Hill Airport, Kent

Experience Details

Two seater Spitfire flights are now a reality! Following changes in the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) rules these Biggin Hill Spitfire flights mean the impossible is now possible, thanks to this very special Spitfire T9 that will be operating tandem flights from this legendary airport that was one of the principal fighter bases in the Battle of Britain.

We often talk of 'once in a lifetime' opportunities and these two seater Spitfire flights really do fall into that category. Of course, with high running and maintenance costs on these classic warbirds, these tandem Spitfire flights aren't cheap, but can you put a price on aviation heaven?

Two seater Spitfires are incredibly rare. Over 20,000 single seat Spitfires were built, with only a few dozen remaining airworthy today. Supermarine did come up with the concept of a two seater training version of the plane, but none were ever ordered and only one was built. But there followed several instances of 'unofficial' conversions, so after the Second World War Supermarine launched the idea again and a handful of Spitfire Mk IXs were converted into two seaters, called TR9s.

You could be flying in the two-seater Spitfire (MJ627) G-BMSB, resplendent in invasion stripes. This aircraft has an amazing log book, having flown numerous ground attack, bomber escort and patrol missions during the war including being credited with the downing of an enemy Messerschmitt Bf 109 on 27th September 1944. After being damaged and put into storage the aircraft was bought by Vickers Armstrong in 1950, MJ627 was one of the Spitfires converted to a tandem and sent to the Irish Air Corps before retiring in 1960. The Bayliss family breathed life into the old girl when she was fully restored and took to the skies again in 1993, exactly 50 years since she first flew.

Imagine what it'll be like to sit under the bubble canopy in the rear cockpit, waiting with bated breath as the Merlin engine kicks into life, and you get to fly in a Spitfire out of historic Biggin Hill and through the Kentish skies. A day that will be indelibly inscribed in your mind and your heart forever.

Who is suitable for this experience?

Flying in a Spitfire carries certain elements of risk which will be clearly explained prior to your flight, on the day you'll also be shown a detailed video explaining these risks, if you decide not to proceed or cannot fit safely inside the cockpit you can exchange your experience or request a refund.

Minimum age is 18. There's no maximum age limit however you need to be healthy and agile enough to climb into the aircraft and safely experience the dynamic nature of the flight - if you have any concerns over your suitability you should consult your GP. A maximum weight limit of 108 kilos (238 lb) applies and you will be weighed on the day. Passengers dimensions must allow unrestricted movement of the control column. The aircraft can usually accommodate passengers up to 6'6".

You should not participate if you are on prescription medication, suffering from a cold, are pregnant or suffering from any condition affecting your breathing or consciousness. Please do not drink alcohol prior to the flight.

The operator reserves the right to refuse the flight if for any reason they feel you are unsuitable to participate.


Flights generally operate Tuesday to Sunday between March and November.
Sessions usually start at 08.00 and 12.00.
All Flights and routes are subject to weather conditions, aircraft serviceability and air traffic.
Aircraft MJ627 / G-BMSB is normally used for flights however the operator reserves the right to use other two seat Spitfires.
Other bespoke dates may be arranged but may be subject to an additional fee.


Up to 4 guests can join you to enjoy access to the Heritage Hangar and observe the engine start up and shut down of the aircraft.


  • A detailed pre-flight briefing covering the aircraft, equipment and in flight safety procedures.
  • Approximately 10 minutes for preparation, taxiing and pre-flight safety checks.
  • Access to the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar for up to four guests.
  • Q+A session with the hangar team with close up access to the aircraft being restored.
  • Take off from ex RAF Spitfire Station Biggin Hill and fly over Kent's 'Battle of Britain Country'.
  • Feel and experience the effects of your hands on the controls (at the pilots discretion).
  • All flights include the opportunity to do Victory Rolls and other manoeuvres.
  • Hear radio commentary from your pilot, air traffic control and ground crew.
  • In flight video recording of the flight on SD card / USB stick.
  • Flight debrief and opportunity to take photographs with the aircraft.
  • Framed souvenir flight certificate, flight suit patch and pilot notes to take home.
  • Helmet, flight suit and parachute are provided for the flight.
  • Allow spending up to four hours at the venue.

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