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Tiger Moth Flights at Duxford

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Take a flight from the ex-Royal Air Force base of Duxford, which was active during the Second World War, in a training aircraft designed by de Havilland. These Tiger Moth flights at Duxford allow you to experience flying from a bygone era in these iconic bi-planes. Also included in the price is entry to the Imperial War Museum.

£149 for 15 minutes
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£179 for 20 minutes
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£219 for 30 minutes
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£279 for 40 minutes
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Duxford, Cambridgeshire

Experience Details

de Havilland designed the Tiger Moth as a pilot training aircraft and this is reflected in the bright yellow livery of DF112 Tiger Moth at Duxford which are typical trainer aircraft colours. The plane was demobbed in 1954 and re-registered as G-ANRM. After being initially based in Cambridge the plane had a long civilian history before returning 'home' to Cambridgeshire at Duxford.

The other Tiger Moth at Duxford is the rather younger R4922 built in 1940. She served faithfully as a Second World War fighter pilot trainer right through until 1945. Now looking resplendent in post-war silver colours, G-APAO as she is registered today, still has the yellow bands marking her trainer plane pedigree.

Whether you choose a 15 minute taster or a 30 minute flight, you will absolutely love being in these nostalgic, open cockpit vintage biplanes - and you'll also love the fact that it's taking place at Duxford an airfield which oozes aviation heritage and is home to the Imperial War Museum, for which you get tickets included in your gift pack, a visit to Duxford is a day out in itself so leave plenty of time to look around.

Who is suitable for this experience?

You need to be over 16 years old and weigh less than 16 stone. You need to be agile enough to climb into the cockpit.


Flights take place on regular weekends and selected weekdays from March to October. All flights are weather dependent but don't worry if your flight is cancelled you can rebook for a convenient time.


You are welcome to bring friends and family along however they will need to enter the museum to view the flight. All guests will enjoy a 50% reduced entry rate to the Museum.


All flight experiences include a pre-flight briefing, the loan of a leather flying jacket, helmet and goggles.
Take the controls of the aircraft as part of the flight.
Free entry to the Imperial War Museum with discounted entrance for accompanying friends and family.

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