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Ultimate Spitfire Flight Simulator

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This unique Spitfire simulator is based at a world-leading facility in Goodwood, where the simulator is used as part of the flight training programme for new Spitfire pilots. It’s a real scoop to be able to take your seat for this professional-standard Spitfire flight simulator experience.

£200 per person for 30 minutes
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Goodwood Aerodrome, Chichester, West Sussex

Experience Details

The starting point for this simulator build was the original parts from a genuine Second World War Spitfire, along with new parts destined for, but eventually not used, on modern Spitfire restoration projects. Bespoke parts were also fitted to transform this analogue plane into a digital flying machine.

As you sit in the cockpit it all looks so real because it is real. For example, the gauges are original with working needles and dials, all controlled by the modern electronics fitted behind. The Spitfire feels so real as well. That’s because the set-up is exactly the same as a Spitfire Mk IX, right down to the clever motion and force feedback. You’ll feel every bump on the grass runway, the turbulence and more. During your session you’ll be learning the basics of flying and maybe even taking your first foray into aerobatics.

It looks real too, thanks to the dome's visuals which create an all-enveloping flying scene, with the seamless projection of the nose and the wings. It even sounds right, with that unmistakable Merlin engine growl coming through your headset.

Even the camouflage is spot on. The fuselage of this incredible Spitfire simulator pays homage to RAF ace James Edgar 'Johnnie' Johnson with his serial number JE-J adorning the side of the sim.

These simulator sessions will give you an amazing insight into the skill and workload involved in piloting such an incredible warbird. With so much power in that supercharged engine and the weight of the aircraft, just keeping it flying straight and level is a challenge.

Who is suitable for this experience?

Maximum weight: 110 kgs.
Maximum height: 193 cms.
Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult


Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout the year (excluding the first week of every month).
Dates and session times are subject to availability.


One guest may accompany you in the simulator.


  • Session in a Spitfire Mk IX simulator.
  • The worlds only Spitfire sim that can be used for training new Spitfire pilots.
  • 15 minute briefing and introduction to the controls.
  • 30 minute session in the simulator with around 20 minutes 'airborne'.
  • Allow approximately one hour on site for this experience .
  • One guest may accompany you in the simulator.

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