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VIP Spitfire Tour and Sit in a Spit Experience

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This very special VIP Spitfire Tour and Sit in a Spit experience gives upto 6 people exclusive access to the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar, home to a number of Supermarine Spitfires and other vintage aircraft. Purchase the VIP tour & Sit in a Spit experience and you can look forward to sitting in one of the most famous aircraft ever built.

£69 VIP tour & Sit in a Spit
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£39 VIP tour only
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Biggin Hill Airport, Kent

Experience Details

What makes this Spitfire tour unique is that it is truly a private viewing, tours are exclusive, if you purchase 1 voucher it will just be you, if you buy 4 it will just be your group. This is your chance to have a good old nosey around this working hangar, witness the everyday goings on, see how the talented team works and generally feel rather emotional and overawed by the whole thing.

As VIP guests of your very own tour, you will be met by one of the Spitfire team on arrival and shown through reception. Somewhat innocuous from the outside, this place is a true treasure trove for aviation fans. As soon as the door from the office area to the main hangar is opened the view will take your breath away. Never before will you have seen so many priceless aircraft all in one place!

And what really stands out is that it is all so much more real and somehow interactive than your usual aircraft museum. This is where all the wonderful restoration work is done, where many of the planes are housed after they've been certified airworthy and also where other privately owned examples of Spitfires are hangared.

There are no roped off areas so you can get properly up close to these aircraft (so much so that you can catch a whiff of that distinctive smell of leather and oil!), but, as it is a working environment you will be accompanied on your Spitfire tour for your own safety - and also so your host can explain everything there is to know about these majestic winged residents.

If you opt for the cockpit visit, your VIP tour takes on an extra dimension with you clambering in to the Spitfire to sit in that hot seat. Just try and imagine what it was like for many young pilots who were gallantly protecting our skies during the Second World War in these beautiful flying machines.

Don't forget, each Spitfire tour is just for you and you can buy a voucher for one to six people to visit at once, so whether you want to make it an aviation-themed present for that one very special person, or fancy getting the family together for a nostalgic and eye-opening visit to this amazing hidden gem in Kent, you will be privileged to be a VIP Spitfire tour guest to see the wonderful work this company does.

Who is suitable for this experience?

The tours are suitable for all ages however under 18's must be accompanied by a participating adult. Each VIP tour can accommodate a maximum of 6 guests. All guests must hold a valid voucher. Vouchers types can be mixed e.g if someone is not physically able to climb into the Spitfire they can purchase a tour only voucher.

If you order the VIP Spitfire Tour and Sit in a Spit experience then you need to be agile enough to climb up into the Spitfire cockpit. Staff will be on hand at all times to assist guests in and out of the aircraft. At no point do you fly in or with the Spitfire. Leather soled shoes are not suitable as they may slip on the wing, trainers or rubber soled shoes are ideal.


Available on most weekdays throughout the year. Morning and afternoon sessions are available. The maximum group size is 6 people.


All visitors to the hangar must be voucher holders and additional guests are not permitted.


An exclusive tour of the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar.
See the current restoration projects in progress up close.
View the airworthy aircraft, usually including the Spitfire, Hurricane, Harvard and Cub.
Opportunity to take photographs of the aircraft.
Please allow approximately one hour for this experience.
Purchase the Sit in a Spit and VIP Sptifire tour and you will also have the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of a fully
functioning and airworthy Spitfire Mk 9.

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