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Hispano Buchon
The Buchon was a Spanish built version of the German Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter but would be powered by either a Hispano Suiza or Rolls-Royce engine.

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Supermarine Type 224

The 'first' Spitfire the Type 224 would prove unsuccessful and would never enter production ending its days as a target on a firing range. Despite this important data...

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Bristol F.2 Fighter

Despite a disastrous start to its career with the Royal Flying Corps the two-seater F.2 Fighter would go on and become a successful fighter-reconnaissance aircraft...

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Classic Warbirds
Guide to UK Aviation Sites

Located across the UK are many museums and memorials relating to military aviation from 1914 upto the Cold War. With our 'Guide to UK Aviation Sites' we aim to locate as many of these as possible to provide a comprehensive guide via Google Maps.

We currently have 108 museums and memorials pinned on our map. If we have missed out your local aviation site, please let us know. We will then add it to our ever expanding map.

Map key: Red Spitfire (Museum) - Grey Lancaster (Memorial)

Classic Warbirds

We have a number of videos available to watch online for free of various aircraft performing at airshows such as flypasts by 15 Spitfires and Vulcan XH558. We also have walkaround videos of aircraft including the Hawker Hurricane and Vought F4U Corsair.

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Classic Warbirds
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An ever growing aircraft database we profile aircraft from World War 1 to the Cold War. Covering the design, development and operational service of each aircraft and technical details for each variant.

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