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Supermarine Spitfire

One of the most famous aircraft ever produced, the Spitfire, with its iconic elliptical wing shape, was designed by R.J. Mitchell...

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Boeing P-26 Peashooter

The P-26 would provide the United States Army Air Corps with some firsts and lasts. It would be the last fitted undercarriage open...

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Avro Vulcan

Nicknamed 'The Tin Triangle' the Vulcan was one of three aircraft which made up the V-Force, which was to be Britain's nuclear...

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It Happened in April

April 1954 would begin with the iconic Spitfire ending its 14 year service career with the Royal Air Force when a PR.Mk 19 of No. 81 Squadron, Malaya flew the types last operational sortie on the 1st. Ten years prior to this on the 3rd April 1944 the Vought F4U Corsair had been used for the first time operationally aboard a carrier when Fleet Air Arm 1834 Squadron had used the type from HMS Victorious.

Further firsts this month would see 5 aircraft make their first flights. Most notable were the Fairey Swordfish prototype which flew on the 17th April 1934 and the Canberra B.Mk 2 which flew on the 21st April 1950. In contrast the last Avro York would be delivered to RAF Honington on the 29th April 1948, whilst a Fieseler Storch would become the last dogfight victim on the Western Front on the 12th April 1945.

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