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Supermarine Spitfire

One of the most famous aircraft ever produced, the Spitfire, with its iconic elliptical wing shape, was designed by R.J. Mitchell...

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Boeing P-26 Peashooter

The P-26 would provide the United States Army Air Corps with some firsts and lasts. It would be the last fitted undercarriage open...

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Avro Vulcan

Nicknamed 'The Tin Triangle' the Vulcan was one of three aircraft which made up the V-Force, which was to be Britain's nuclear...

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It Happened in May

May was to be the month of the English Electric Canberra as during the month it would complete taxying trials in 1949 on the 8th followed five days later on the 13th May when Roland Beamont was at the controls for the prototypes maiden flight. This was followed four years later when the Canberra set the world altitude record on the 4th in 1953.

Two Avro planes, the Vulcan and the Lancaster, would be involved in two famous raids. The Vulcan would take part in Black Buck 1 on the 1st May 1982, with the mission lasting 15 hours and involving 14 Handley Page Victor tankers. 39 years prior to this 19 Avro Lancasters of No. 617 Squadron led by Wing Commander Guy Gibson had taken part in Operation Chastise, an attack on 3 German Dams, on the 16th May 1943.

The month would also see the Fairey Swordfish end its front line service when No. 836 Squadron was disbanded on the 21st May 1945 bringing an end to its 9 year career. Whilst on the same day the Grumman F8F Bearcat began its career when it equipped United States Navy Squadron VF-19.

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