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Before using any service provided by Classic Warbirds (including but not limited to, our twitter page and Facebook page) we advise you read our disclaimer first.

Accuracy of Information

Whilst every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of information used on services provided by Classic Warbirds we can not guarantee 100% accuracy. If whilst using a service provided by Classic Warbirds you come across something that you believe to be incorrect, please contact us and let us know.

Products/Advertisers Featured on Classic Warbirds

Purchasing services or products via links that appear on services provided by Classic Warbirds may result in Classic Warbirds receiving a commission or fixed reward. However, Classic Warbirds in no way recommends any sites, products or services that are linked from any service Classic Warbirds provides. Classic Warbirds can accept no liability or responsibility in the case of a dispute or complaint arising from such a purchase.


Whilst we check the prices listed on Classic Warbirds and other services we provide we cannot assure 100% accuracy as prices may change due to special offers or other reasons. Therefore it is best to check with the company you are ordering from to make sure you have the correct total.


Any links that are listed on services provided by Classic Warbirds are provided either to help or for advertising purposes. Classic Warbirds cannot be held responsible for their content.


Whilst every effort has been made to ensure all pages and images on services provided by Classic Warbirds are free from viruses no guarantee can be given that they are indeed virus free. Users are therefore responsible in ensuring that they have adequate anti-virus software installed.


Classic Warbirds displays the swastika only for historical purposes. Classic Warbirds does not intend to glorify war in any way.


All Classic Warbirds services have been designed and created for the use of UK users. This may mean that some content on Classic Warbirds may not be appropriate or lawful outside of the UK. Therefore if you are a user from outside of the UK, you should verify for yourself whether or not it is appropriate for you to access any of Classic Warbirds services.

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