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A number of different resources including books, websites and magazines have been used by Classic Warbirds as references. These can be found listed below.

British Aircraft of World War 2 by David Mondey
American Aircraft of World War 2 by David Mondey
Axis Aircraft of World War 2 by David Mondey
Boulton Paul Association
Spitfire 75 - Flypast special
Aeroplane - September 2011
2011 Duxford Airshow programme
The Curtiss P-40 1939 - 1945 by Anis Elbied and Daniel Laurelut
Aeroplane - January 2013
Aeroplane Database - Westland Lysander
Aeroplane Company Profile - Fairey
Aeroplane Company Profile - Supermarine
Aeroplane Company Profile - Vickers
Flypast - January 2013
Vulcan 607 by Rowland White
Aviation Classics - Hawker Hurricane
Duxford Battle of Britain DVD
Spitfire - The Autobiography by Jon E. Lewis
Flypast - October 2013
Aeroplane Icons: Westland Lysander
The Royal Air Force - Volume 2: An Encyclopedia of the Inter-War Years 1930-1939 - By Ian Philpott
Aeroplane Company Profile - Avro
V-Force - Ready for the Unthinkable
Aeroplane Special - Vulcan
Spitfire vs Bf 109 - Battle of Britain - By Tony Holmes
The Battle of Britain - By James Holland
Flypast - October 2014
Flypast - November 2014
Britain at War - September 2014
Aeroplane Monthly - October 2014
Aeroplane Illustrated - Spitfire
Hurricane: Victor of the Battle of Britain by Leo McKinstry
Aeroplane - UK Aviation Museums 2015
Spitfire Manual 1940 - Edited by Dilip Sarkar
D-Day RAF - The RAF's Part in the Great Invasion by Clive Rowley
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 - Aviation Classics
Famous Fighters of World War 2
Spitfire Evolution by Paul Beaver
Flypast - January 2012
2014 Duxford D-Day Airshow Programme
Flypast - July 2012
Aeroplane - June 2015
Famous Fighters of World War 1
Aeroplane - May 2012
Eduard Transfers
Aeroplane - August 2016
RAF BBMF Memorial Flight Club Magazine - Issue unknown
RAF Salute - Battle of Britain
Britain at War Magazine - Issue unknown
Aeroplane Company Profile - Bristol
Flypast Wellington Special
Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford
Battle of Britain Trail, Kent brochure
Aviation Memorials in Nottingham brochure
Flypast - April 2016
Aviation Classics - Avro Shackleton
Aeroplane UK Aviation Museums Guide 2017
War Planes of the Second World War - Fighters, Volume One by William Green
The Battle of Britain: A Miscellany by Norman Ferguson
Flypast - August 2011

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Hawker Hurricane (R)

Battle of Britain Timeline (R)

Pigeons and the RAF During WW2

Hawker Sea Hurricane (R)

de Havilland Mosquito

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