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Aviation Museums & Memorials

The United Kingdom has a rich heritage in aviation and there are many locations dotted around the country that pay tribute to this. With our online map we aim to chart as many museums, memorials, gate guardians, replica aircraft and sites of interest as possible. Covering military aviation from 1914 upto the Cold War, providing a comprehensive guide via Google Maps.

What sites are on our map?

Red Spitfire
Museums - From dedicated aviation museums to single exhibitions.
Grey Lancaster
Memorials - For individual aircrew, squadrons, nations and old airfields.
Purple Sea Fury
Gate Guardians & Replica Aircraft - For current and old Royal Air Force airfields and aircraft dotted around the UK.
Blue Mosquito
Sites of Interest - Covering the Dambusters practice grounds, historic pubs & more.

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We currently have 300 sites listed.

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