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Short Singapore

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The Singapore first flew in 1927 and was used the following year by Sir Alan Cobham when he made a 28,000 mile flight around Africa. It would still take a further seven years before the type would enter service with the Royal Air Force. When the Short Singapore finally entered service it would become the largest pre-war biplane flying boat used by the RAF.

Quick Facts
Short Singapore side profile image
First flight
17th August 1927
Entered service
April 1935
Total built

Front view
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Side view
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Rear view
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The Short Singapore began life with the Mk I during 1926 and the sole example flew on the 17th August 1927 but would not be ordered into production, instead it would be used by Sir Alan Cobham who made a 28,000 mile flight around Africa during 1928.

Just under three years later on the 27th March 1930 the Singapore Mk II took to the skies for the first time, but would suffer the same fate as the Mk I in failing to win a production order.

When Specification R.3/33 was issued the Short submission was the Singapore Mk III and during July 1934 the first aircraft flew. In total four development aircraft were ordered and these were all sent to the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment based at Felixstowe to undergo trials. As a result of these a new Specification R.14/34 was issued along with an order for the type.

March 1935 would see the first Short Singapore Mk III production aircraft fly before No. 250 Squadron, who were based at RAF Pembroke Dock, become the first to receive the new aircraft the following month. And when war broke out in September 1939 19 of the 37 Singapore Mk IIIs produced were still in service before eventually being phased out and replaced by newer flying boats including the Short Sunderland.

Technical Details

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Top Speed Range Service Ceiling Armament
Singapore Mk I Only one prototype example produced.
Singapore Mk II Only one prototype example produced.
Singapore Mk III 145 mph 1,000 miles 15,000 ft three 0.303-in machine-guns
2,000lb of bombs
Singapore Mk III side profile image


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