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Supermarine Stranraer

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A twin-engined flying boat, the Stranraer would be in service with the Royal Air Force at the beginning of the Second World War. Used by the Royal Canadian Air Force until 1944, the Supermarine Stranraer would perform anti-submarine patrols.

Quick Facts
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First flight
27th July 1934
Entered service
16th April 1937
Total built

Front view
Stranraer front view photo
Side view
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Rear view
Stranraer rear view photo

With the issuing of Specification R.24/31 by the Air Ministry in 1931 requiring a “general purpose open sea patrol flying boat” with two engines the Supermarine Southampton Mk V was originally submitted by the company, although the new aircraft had more in common with the Supermarine Scapa. This would make its first flight on the 27th July 1934 in the hands of Captain Joseph Summers. The following August saw the aircraft re-named the Stranraer.

Whilst the prototype aircraft was powered by two Bristol Pegasus IIIM engines the production Stranraers would have their power supplied by a pair of 920-hp Pegasus X engines and seventeen examples would be ordered during August 1935 but to a different Specification, 17/35, and this order would be complimented in May 1936 by a further six aircraft, although the latter order would later be cancelled.

The Supermarine Stranrear Mk I had a top speed of 165 mph, range of 1,000 miles, service ceiling of 18,500ft and armament of three 0.303-in machine-guns and able to carry 1,000lb bombs. On the 16th April 1937 No. 228 Squadron at RAF Pembroke Dock would become the first squadron in the Royal Air Force equipped with the new aircraft and when the Second World War (1939 – 1945) broke out they also equipped Nos 201 and 209 Squadrons who were based at RAF Invergordon, however Saro Lerwicks and Short Sunderlands re-equipped the two squadrons in the middle of 1940.

The following year, 1941, saw the front line service of the Stranraer end with the 31st October 1942 seeing the type retired from all RAF service when the last aircraft, which at that time was with No. 4 (Coastal) Operational Training Unit, RAF West Freugh, was struck off charge.

The Supermarine Stranraer was also used by the Royal Canadian Air Force, who had their Stranraers built by Canadian Vickers Limited, and they began equipping No. 5 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force during November 1938. The type would also equip a further six RCAF squadrons, they would perform anti-submarine patrols and be used to train new crews, with the aircraft being removed from service during April 1944.

The last of 17 production Stranraers built in the UK was delivered to the Royal Air Force on the 3rd April 1939, whilst 40 would be built in Canada bringing total production to 58, including the prototype.

Technical Details

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Top Speed Range Service Ceiling Armament
Stranraer Mk I 165 mph 1,000 miles 18,500 ft three 0.303-in machine-guns
1,000lb bombs


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Stranraer Royal Air Force Museum, London

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