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Hawker Demon

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The Demon was the fighter version of another Hawker aircraft, the Hart bomber, and would serve with the Royal Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force. Just over 300 examples of the Hawker Demon were built before its retirement from RAF service in 1938.

Quick Facts
First flight
31st March 1931
Entered service
March 1933
Total built

Front view
Demon front view photo
Side view
Demon side view photo
Rear view
Sorry, no view photo available

During 1925 and the introduction of the Fairey Fox the Royal Air Force found itself in the uncomfortable situation of having a bomber faster than any of its current fighters, and with the introduction of the Hawker Hart in January 1930 the RAF was again in this situation leading to the Air Ministry looking to redress the balance.

As far as Hawker were concerned the obvious solution was to produce a fighter version of their Hart bomber. Powered by the Rolls-Royce Kestrel IIS supercharged engine and with armament of two Vickers machine-guns firing forward and a rear firing Lewis gun, two prototypes were produced. These were followed during May 1931 by six pre-prodcution Hart fighters, as the type was originally known, which No. 23 Squadron flew for evaluation. Now named the Demon the 10th February 1933 would see the first production version fly.

A total of 304 Hawker Demons were manufactured with Boulton Paul Aircraft producing a number of these featuring a Frazer-Nash turret for the rear gunner, with some Demons having the turret added after production, with these known as Turret Demons. A few of the type would serve with the Royal Australian Air Force. The types first line service with the RAF came to an end in the latter part of 1938 when the Bristol Blenheim replaced them, although a few Demons would serve as target tugs.


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Top Speed Range Service Ceiling Armament
Demon 182 mph 404 miles 27,500 ft two Vickers machine-guns
one Lewis gun


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On Display

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Variant Location
Demon Shuttleworth

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