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Hawker Sea Hurricane

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The Sea Hurricane was conceived due to a lack of air cover contributing to the rising losses during the Battle of the Atlantic in early 1940. Carried by Catapult Aircraft Merchantmen (CAM) ships the Hawker Sea Hurricane would be launched when required.

Quick Facts
First flight
Entered service
15th March 1941
Total built
Over 1,700

Front view
Sea Hurricane front view photo
Side view
Sea Hurricane side view photo
Rear view
Sorry, no view photo available

With the addition of catapult spools to Hawker Hurricane Mk I's the first Sea Hurricane IA's appeared. These were carried by Catapult Aircraft Merchantmen (CAM) ships. However with nowhere to land the pilot, either Fleet Air Arm (FAA) or Royal Air Force (RAF) had to ditch his aircraft or bale out near the convoy and hope to be picked up. This situation was improved during August 1941 with the introduction of external fuel tanks.

Shortly afterwords the Sea Hurricane IB appeared, these included a V-frame arrester hook along with the catapult spools. In October 1941 these planes began to go aboard large merchant ships which had a small flight deck added (MAC-ships). These aircraft were kept on deck as there was no accommodation aboard.

February 1942 saw the arrival of the Sea Hurricane IC, and as with the IA and IB catapult spools and arrester hooks were installed, but with an armament of four cannons. The IIC appeared but without catapult spools as they were intended for aircraft carriers. The Sea Hurricane IIC was also installed with FAA radio equipment and the Merlin XX engine.

The last Sea Hurricane was the Mk XIIA, used in both the Mediterranean and North Atlantic.

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Max Speed Range Service Ceiling Armament
Sea Hurricane Mk I 317 mph 505 miles 34,200 ft eight 0.303-in machine-guns
Sea Hurricane Mk II 342 mph 460 miles 35,600 ft four 20mm cannons
Sea Hurricane Mk XIIA Canadian built Hurricane Mk XIIAs converted to Sea Hurricanes.


On Display

(C) = Cockpit only exhibit. (F) = Fuselage only exhibit. (R) = Remains of an aircraft.

Variant Location
Sea Hurricane Mk IB Shuttleworth

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